Easy 4-Hours Assembly

Setting up a Hanso pergola is as easy as 1234!

Step 1: Connect the Top Base

Getting started is easy! Simply attach the base plate to the bottom of the posts. And use the bolts to attach it with a hex key or electric drill. See, step 1 is done!

Step 2: Attach the Beams

The next step might sound like rocket science, but my granny and her helper managed to do this pretty easily. Attach the two beams you can see in the image, using bolts to fasten. Then raise and attach other two with a helper. Step 2 done, you rocket scientist!

Step 3: Attach the Top Mounts

Then, my granny ditched her walker and attached the tops (see image) using bolts to fasten. Step 3, similar to step 2 but different, done.

Step 4: Attach the Mount Covers

Attach the upright covers using bolts to fasten. Granny and helper made mincemeat of this job in no time. Step 4 done.

Step 5: Connect the Louvers

Attach the louvers to the top and erect the contruction. And you’ve done it, good going!

Hansø Pergola Dimensions