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Join our partner and distribution network of US providers and grow your revenue by delivering world-class Pergolas to your clients. A beautiful Scandinavian quality addition to any patio, our Pergolas will enchant your customers hearts.

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I would highly recommend Hanso’s partner program as they are extremely professional and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process for an order of 20 Pergolas. The shipping was smooth and their team was in touch until the very end. My cients were super happy with the Pergolas! Recommended!

Kevin J.

"We developed a great partnership with Hansohomes and their dedication to delivering the best Pergolas is evident in the heartwarming reviews of all my clients. We appreciate their friendly partner team. They’re very professional and feels like a team of my own.

Patrick L.

Working With Us

Our dedicated partner team is ready to fulfill your order requests and assist you with your sale. Skip the hassle of starting to sell from scratch. We help you with a sales kit that includes price list, marketing updates, selling tools, technical support, product training, with updated promotions. We assure you that there is no obstacle to selling a Hanso Pergola. The only thing for you to do is build more connections and distribution channels. We offer generous revenue shares for every Hanso Pergola sale you make based on the following models:

Model 1

We Deliver The Order To You

You don't need to stock inventory. We offer a percentage discount on all of our inventory and deliver to order to you, and you deliver & install it for the customers.

Model 2

We Deliver The Order To Your Customer

You don't need to stock inventory. We offer a percentage discount on all of our inventory and deliver orders directly to your customers.

Model 3

You Stock The Inventory

You stock the inventory, being able to showcase it to customers, sell more and get our VIP tier special pricing for orders of 10+ pergolas.

Sellers of all business sizes are welcome to join us. We welcome your participation in our Hanso partner program. Learn more about the pricing, shipping process, induction and more by simply filling the form below.

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