Pre-Order Now & Get Yours for Summer

To make it accessible to everyone due to extremely high demand and supply chain shortage, we can only offer our Pergolas for pre-order in 2022. The last 2 times we were back in stock in US, 1000's of units were sold out in a matter of 48 hours.

  • Batch 1

    20% OFF

    Ships May 2022
  • Batch 2

    15% OFF

    Ships May 2022
  • Now Selling Batch 3

    10% OFF

    Ships June 2022
  • Batch 4

    5% OFF

    Ships July 2022
  • Batch 5

    5% OFF

    Ships August 2022
  • Batch 6

    0% OFF

    Ships August 2022
  • “ Buying a Hanso pergola was the best thing I did this year! High quality materials, good workmanship, super easy to assemble (took me only 2.5 hours!), and their support was great when I had a question about shipping!”

    Jamie Foxx

What are the benefits of Pre-Order?

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