Pergola Fire Pit
Pergola Fire Pit
Pergola Fire Pit

HANSØ Smokeless Fire Pit

Smokeless Pergola Fire Pit with Ash Shovel

Smokeless Hansø Wood Burning Pergola Fire Pit – the epitome of refined sophistication, uniquely designed to complement the iconic Hanso Pergola.

Crafted by our top-tier designers in Sweden, this smokeless pergola fire pit showcases unparalleled US quality, embodying a seamless blend of Scandinavian elegance with the cherished aesthetics of the Hanso Pergola.

Enjoy the outdoors without the smoke. Its cast iron air burner system and secondary combustion efficiently burn wood, reducing smoke and increasing heat output. Constructed with heavy gauge stainless steel and a durable cast iron burner, the Smokeless Hansø Wood Burning Fire Pit promises lasting outdoor enjoyment.

    Fire Pit Dimensions: 

    21': 16.5"x21"x21"

    31': 16.5"x31"x 31"


    • Smokeless Combustion System: Reburns Smoke for Efficient, healthier Heating
    • High-Quality Materials: Cast Iron Interior Parts / Stainless Steel Exterior
    • Patented Systems: Special Burn System Allows For Longer Burn Time Between Ash Cleanings.
    • Versatile Design: Can Be Used as a Standalone Pit or as An Insert For Stone/Masonry Fire Pits.
    • Made for All Weather: US Steel Product
    • Efficient Sizing: Portable Design With a Flat Bottom and Removable Burner For Easy Cleaning.
    • Premium Quality: Designed in Sweden & Manufactured in Tennesse
    • Hansø Esthetics: Designed with Hanso Pergola matched esthetics & sizing in mind
    • Built to Last: Lifetime Construction. Made With Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel and a Cast Iron Primary Burner.
    • Estimated Delivery: 2 to 5 Weeks
    • If Bought Together With Our Pergola - Shipping is FREE: Save On delivery fees!
    • Included Accessory: Custom Ash Shovel for Easy Ash Removal

      Total Price:

      Sale price$329.00

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