3rd Gen PRO+ Pergola

Hansø Pergola with Roof

#1 America’s Most Popular Pergola Brand
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • American Quality
  • 72-120 MPH Windproof
  • 4 Seasons Ready
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • American Quality
  • 72-120 MPH windproof
  • 4 seasons ready


Happy Customers


Happy Customers


“A Garden Must Have That Can Add $27k to Your Home Value”

"Hanso, the world's most popular pergola brand can boost your home's value by $27k and effectively pay for itself."

“Thousands of U.S. Contractors Recommend Hanso’s Pergola Kit”

“You can transform any outdoor space with the World’s Most Popular Pergola Brand - Hanso. Fraction of the cost and unbeatable quality.”

“Top Quality. This Pergola is Built to Last 30+ Years!”

“Hanso offers a minimalist style that can match any backyard vibe. The pergola has a 10-year warranty and is built to last for at least 30 years.”

“Easy to Assemble. Save THOUSANDS With This Pergola”

"Chic and rust-proof pergola that withstands rain, snow, and wind while adding function to your yard (and try it risk-free for 100 days!)"

Pergola Kit with a Louvered Roof

Elevate your outdoor living environment with the Hansø Pergola Kit with Roof.

Made for endurance and flair, our pergola is both useful and modern. The adjustable louvered roof provides shade and ventilation, and its aluminum structure withstands harsh weather.

The Hansø Pergola is easy to install and maintain, giving any backyard, patio, or garden an elegant sanctuary for leisure and pleasure. Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year warranty and a durable, American-made product.

Pergola kit with a louvered roof

America’s #1 Most Popular Pergola

Premium Louvered Roof Pergola Kit

Premium Louvered Roof Pergola Kit

5000+ Happy Customers | Top 1% Highest-Rated Company in Pergolas

  • 72 - 120 MPH

    Up to 5x stronger than similar alternatives on the market.

  • 8x Lower Price

    Up to 8x lower price than traditional competitors.

  • 5x Stronger

    Up to 5x stronger than similar alternatives on the market.

  • 10y Warranty

    Industry leading 10-year warranty & built to last 30+ years.

Elevate Your Everyday Living With Hansø

Quality That Stands the Test of Time

American Quality Meets Scandinavian Design

The Only Pergola Kit Built to Last 30+ Years

Optional Remote-Operated Roof & Enhanced LED Lighting Kit

Our pergola now comes with an option automatic, remote-controlled electric roof and customizable LED lighting, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality. These advanced features, blending seamlessly with high-end outdoor décor, allow for the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

American quality, Scandinavian design

10-Year Warranty

8x Better Direct-to-Consumer Price

72-120 MPH wind resistance

Designed for 4 Seasons

100% Rust & Rainproof Roof

Efficient S-Shaped Waterproof Roof Blades

Integrated Water Drainage System via Pergola Poles

Louvers to Control the Sun

Take command of your comfort, controlling in the sunlight without being overwhelmed by its intensity.

Optional Retractable Sunshades

Preserve your personal space with Hanso's adaptable sunshades and seclusion walls. Maintain the confidentiality of your pergola kit experiences, ensuring they remain exclusive to you.

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5000+ Happy Customers

real investment into your families future

92% of Families Report deeper bonds with place to Reconnect
up to $27,000 added to your home value According to TheSun.com

Sadly Not All Pergolas Are Created Equal

  • Original #1 pergola brand

  • 5 000+ happy customers

  • Choice of 700+ Top USA Contractors

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Hansø PRO+ Pergola Kit
  • Renson
  • Struxure
  • Purple Leaf
  • Mirador
  • Sorara
  • Other Similar Brands
Price $5 997 - $11 997
  • $40000 - $180000
  • $25000 - $80000
  • $2500 - $8000
  • $3300 - $6000
  • $2400 - $4500
  • $3300 - $12000
$1500 - $8000
Company Background US Company
  • EU Company
  • US Company
  • Chinese Owned Company
  • Chinese Owned Company
  • Chinese Owned Company
  • Chinese or EU Companies
US Company
Quality Extremely High
  • Extremely High
  • High
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium
Warranty 10-Years
  • 10-Years
  • 10-Years
  • N/A
  • 2 Years
  • 2-5 Years
  • 2-5 Years
1 Year
Expected Longevity 30+ Years
  • 30+ Years
  • 20-30 Years
  • 2-3 Years
  • 2-5 Years
  • 2-5 Years
  • 2-5 Years
2-5 Years
Wind Resistance 72-120 MPH
  • 100-120MPH
  • 100MPH
  • 40-45 MPH (Dangerous)
  • 75 MPH
  • 70 MPH
  • 50-70MPH (Dangerous)
50-70 MPH (dangerous)
Frame Material 100% Aluminum
  • 100% Aluminum
  • 100% Aluminum
  • Aluminum Mixed with Steel (prone to rust)
  • Aluminum Mixed with Steel (prone to rust)
  • Aluminum Mixed with Steel (prone to rust)
  • Aluminum Mixed with Steel (prone to rust)
Cedar (starts to warp and rot + needs yearly maintenance)
Anti-Scratch Powder Coating 3 Layers
  • 2 Layers
  • 2 Layers
  • 1 Layer
  • 2 Layers
  • 2 Layers
  • 1-2 Layers
Maintenance Maintenance Free
  • Yearly Cleaning
  • Maintenance Free
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Yearly Cleaning
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Regular Cleaning
Yearly Coating Required
Reviews: 4.6 on TrustPilot
  • 2.6 on EU TrustPilot
  • 4.1 on Facebook (no other place)
  • 4.4 on Wayfair
  • 4.6 on Costco
  • 2.1 on Google
  • 2.4-4 on Google
3.8 on TrustPilot
Estimated Delivery Time: 3-14 days (for in-stock products)
  • 8-12 weeks (plus a few visits)
  • 6-8 weeks (plus a few visits)
  • 2-15 days
  • 2-15 days
  • 2-15 days
  • 2-45 days
5 days to 8 weeks
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5000+ Happy Customers

Easy DIY Assembly, in just 2-4 hours

Or just get an installer to do it for a fraction of a price by getting it direct from us.

Step 1 - Attach Base Plates

Assemble base plates to posts using two screws.

Step 2 - Connect Posts & Raise

Attach structural beams to posts and raise them up (2-3 people recommended in this work).

Step 3 - Attach Rain Gutters

Attach all four rain gutters to beams.

Step 4 - Attach Louvers

Attach and secure all louvers to complete roof coverage.

Step 5 - Mount to Foundation

Square pergola on all sides and a cross dimensional measurement and mount to foundation.

what customers say about hansø

Odd Jobs Design Build

I was particularly excited to highlight the Hanso Pergola's role in transforming the space. This pergola, with its electrical slats, offers incredible versatility – easily adjustable for either full sunlight or complete shade. This addition alone significantly elevated the entire project, demonstrating how a well-chosen structure can transform an outdoor space into an inviting, year-round living area.

Back To The Studs

What stood out to me was its versatility and quality - the overhead slats not only provide adjustable sun and shade but also transform into a watertight roof, a feature we tested rigorously. This pergola, being easy to assemble like IKEA furniture and available in various sizes and colors, perfectly matched our vision for an outdoor room, blending practicality with style.

I Highly Appreciate the Support

When I started this process of making my summer home into my permanent home I knew I needed a new deck and although I love the sun I don’t like sitting outside in it. I called a couple of local companies who did rainproof pergolas and their prices were close to $30,000. When I stumbled upon your advertising it looked like just what I needed. I placed my order after speaking to someone at Hanso. I am 58 years old and I was able to put 90% of this together on our own. The louvre opens and closes in a second and with no effort. As happy as I am with the pergola I wanted to make sure you understood how grateful I am for your support. I am sure you were tired of my phone calls, but you were always gracious about them. I loved that every call was reiterated in an email so there was verification of what was discussed. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate your service and this company.

Jacqueline 4 months ago

Verified review

We Love Our Pergola

We love our Pergola and the added bonus of putting up ourselves has given us extra satisfaction. It took my 16 year old daughter and I about 4 hours to assemble it. I do consider myself a bit of a “handy lady” but as advertised the assembly was not difficult at all. We literally had dinner under it the day we built it! Thank you Hanso for providing both a great product and experience for my family!

Cathy 6 months ago

Verified review

Great Product!

Final delivery was great, and my customers are enjoying it so far. Installation was pretty straight forward but needed a help from another person and took him 6 hours to put it together.

Bryce 1 month ago

Verified review

Went Together Easy and Quickly

I have installed the pergola but I haven’t put on the shades yet. Went together easy and quickly. I can’t wait until early summer so I can enjoy our deck. The sun is blazing back there in the afternoon and this pergola should do the trick. Shades will be on the Lind side away from the house.

Jasen 1 Month Ago

Verified review

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#1 Pergola Brand In America

NEW 3rd Gen. Hanso “NORD” Pergola

Hanso 3rd Gen PRO+ Pergola

Made for the everyday times of your family

Invest Into your family’s daily Magic

  • American quality

  • Scandinavian design

  • Choice of 700+ Top USA Contractors

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#1 Pergola Brand In America