Sun, Wind, and Rain Sensor for Awnings
Sun, Wind, and Rain Sensor for Awnings
Sun, Wind, and Rain Sensor for Awnings

Sun, Wind, and Rain Sensor for Awnings

Enhance your outdoor comfort and protect your investment with our advanced Sun, Wind, and Rain Sensors, designed for seamless integration with the Hanso awning system. This intuitive sensor automatically adjusts your awning based on current weather conditions, ensuring optimal protection and usability of your outdoor spaces.

NOTICE: It's highly advised to get one to protect your awning from wind damage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Solar Powered: Completely self-sufficient, this sensor operates on solar power, eliminating the need for AC power connections. Its built-in solar panel harnesses sunlight to keep it running.
  • Weather Responsive: The sensor detects changes in sunlight, wind speed, and rainfall, automatically extending or retracting your awning to maintain the ideal outdoor environment. Enjoy continuous comfort without the need to adjust settings manually.
  • Protection Against Elements: Safeguard your awning from potential damage caused by adverse weather. The sensor prompts the awning to retract in high winds or heavy rain, preventing wear and tear and extending the lifespan of your setup.
  • Energy Efficiency: The sensor helps maintain your home’s internal temperature by controlling your awning based on sun exposure, reducing energy costs associated with heating and cooling.
  • No Wiring Needed: Compatible with Hanso awning, this sensor is designed for easy installation and operation, integrating smoothly into your existing awning system without the need for wiring. It works via radio signal.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to last, the sensor is housed in a weather-resistant casing that withstands harsh elements, ensuring reliable performance year after year.

Total Price:

Regular price$297.00

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