10 Pergola Privacy Wall Ideas [Buy or DIY]

Privacy in the context of pergolas extends far beyond just privacy walls.

Whether it's a wooden slat privacy screen blending with the pergola structure, a lattice wall injecting rustic charm, or lush climbing plants adding a touch of verdant freshness, options for pergola privacy are plentiful and fascinating.

We'll now offer a variety of pergola privacy wall ideas, exploring options from sun shades, stylish screens, and casual curtains to wooden panels, pergola privacy screens, and more.

The aim is to help you create a perfect blend of style, privacy, and comfort in your backyard.

Ready to explore? Let's begin!

How to Get Privacy on My Pergola?

Pergola Privacy Wall Ideas

With a pergola adorning your outdoor space, you may now wonder: "How can I add more privacy?"

Needless to say that achieving a sense of seclusion in your outdoor spaces is often a desired feature for many homeowners.

Whether it's a seating area for peaceful reading, shield yourself from curious neighbors or a hot tub for relaxation, your pergola can provide this much-needed privacy with the right modifications. 

This can be achieved by implementing a privacy wall or a privacy fence around your pergola.

Another effective solution is to add a pergola privacy screen. Crafted from a variety of materials to suit your aesthetic preferences, these screens not only offer seclusion but also add an architectural interest to your garden.

Throughout this article, we will explore 10 privacy wall ideas to help you transform your pergola into a private sanctuary.

Best Pergola Privacy Wall Ideas

1. Sun Shades

Sun Shades for Pergola Privacy

Sun shades provide a versatile solution to add privacy and shade to your pergola.

With many pergola ideas incorporating sun shades, you can block the view from nosy neighbors while protecting against the sun's rays.

These shades are particularly fitting for Hanso pergola kit, adding a modern touch to your outdoor decor while enhancing your backyard privacy.

And don't worry about the wind, as these shades are designed to resist even the heaviest gusts.

2. Stylish Pergola Privacy Screen

Stylish Pergola Privacy Screen

Next on the list are stylish privacy screens. Whether a wooden slat privacy screen or a more ornate design, screens offer a unique blend of style and function.

They shield your pergola from prying eyes and serve as a visually appealing element that can complement the sleek design of your modern or traditional pergola.

Remember, pergola privacy screens can add flair to your outdoor living space, so don't be afraid to think outside the box and choose designs that reflect your personality.

3. Casual Curtains

Casual Curtains for Pergola Privacy

Next, curtains aren't just for interiors anymore.

They can be a fantastic addition to your pergola or gazebo, enhancing its charm while providing the privacy you crave.

Picture flowing, lightweight curtains that rustle gently with the breeze, creating an ambient noise that further adds to the tranquility of your backyard retreat.

They offer a sense of seclusion, transforming your pergola into an outdoor living room perfect for relaxation or productive gathering with a fresh air twist.

4. Glass Cover 

Pergola Glass Cover

Pergola glass covers provide privacy, elegance and modernity to your pergola. It's amazing visually and has many practical benefits.

A glass cover protects you from the weather while letting you stargaze or enjoy a sunny day.

Rainwater glides down the glass, letting you enjoy the area without getting wet. It's great for year-round entertainers since it seamlessly transitions from interior to outdoor living spaces.

Sliding glass doors or retractable glass coverings allow you to open the pergola for a more classic, open-air experience or close it for privacy or protection.

Here's a deal:

A pergola glass cover is good for privacy because it can be tinted or frosted to obscure views from the outside while still letting in natural light.

Sliding or retractable glass options also allow for easy enclosure, creating a private sanctuary when needed.

Need to mention that if you are looking for a pergola cover idea for privacy - this one is priority pick. Surely, if you have a budget, because needless to say that this solution costs as well.

5. Shrubs, Trees and Other Plants

Shrubs, Trees and Other Plants for Pergola Privacy


A very popular privacy wall idea among pergolas owners is to grow natural privacy walls from large outdoor plants like shrubs, trees and etc.

They will form a barrier which is an excellent way for getting extra privacy from your neighbors. 

Formal rectilinear hedges that have been cut and pruned are not the only choice available to you; yet, they are both conventional and perennially popular.

You might want to consider planting rows of tall cactus or some other kind of plant that grows tall and wide.

6. Metal Panel Screens

Metal Panel Screens for Pergola Privacy

As you explore pergola privacy wall ideas, the elegance of metal panel screens warrants your attention.

Complementing the contemporary allure of your pergola, they deliver an unmatched sleekness to your outdoor room.

Not merely about aesthetics, these screens are sturdy guardians against sun, rain, or winds, enhancing your backyard privacy.

Their panels can be adjusted, opening and closing for desired air circulation, letting you dictate your pergola's seclusion level.

You infuse an eco-friendly charm into your outdoor living area by opting for sustainable materials like aluminum.

7. Wooden Slat Privacy Screen

Wooden Slat Pergola Privacy Screen

The simple solution of a wooden slat privacy screen can give your pergola a naturalistic touch while maintaining your backyard privacy.

The slats can block the view without inhibiting fresh air flow, making your outdoor room inviting.

Even though your pergola is made of metal construction, the contrast between the metal structure and the wood design slats can create a visually striking effect, combining the modern with the rustic in a harmonious blend.

8. Sound-Absorbing Walls

Sound-Absorbing Walls for Pergola Privacy

This idea is becoming even more popular. Users start installing a pergola privacy wall that secludes your outdoor living area and reduces ambient noise.

Sound-absorbing walls can make your pergola a tranquil sanctuary, ideal for relaxation or productive time in the fresh air.

These walls can be made of various materials, including sustainable options, further enhancing your pergola's appeal.

Remember, the calm and quiet will amplify your pleasure from your pergola.

9. Open Trellis with Climbing Plants

Open Trellis with Climbing Plants for Pergola Privacy

An open trellis filled with climbing plants is a vibrant, eco-friendly way to add privacy to your pergola.

As these plants grow, they form a natural privacy screen that's as effective as beautiful.

The greenery also provides shade, making your outdoor space a fantastic retreat during sunny days.

This pergola idea pairs wonderfully with an metal, aluminum pergolas, where the gleaming metal juxtaposes with the lush greenery for a stunning visual contrast.

10. Lattice Wall

Lattice Wall for Pergola Privacy

Last but not least is the classic lattice wall.

This timeless addition to your pergola can block unwanted views, enhance privacy, and serve as a lovely backdrop for potted plants and other outdoor decor elements.

Whether you opt for wood or metal lattice, this privacy solution is practical and aesthetically pleasing, truly the best of both worlds.


Crafting a secluded, intimate open-air living space with your pergola isn't as formidable a task as you may have perceived.

From the grace of fashionable screens to the practical shield provided by sun shades, the laid-back allure of curtains to the homely appeal of wooden panels, an abundance of pergola privacy wall ideas await to morph your pergola into a covert refuge.

Bear in mind, the optimal pergola privacy wall concepts strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and personal taste.

These privacy wall ideas go well with both aluminum and wooden pergolas. Select what harmonizes with your outdoor space and requirements