8 Best Climbing Plants for Pergolas

Best Climbing Plants for Pergolas

Are you considering enhancing the look of your pergola with climbing plants?

Selecting plants for pergolas is very important for creating an inviting and sustainable outdoor space.

Here's the thing:

We'll introduce you to our best climbing plant picks that not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also flourish under the conditions your pergola provides.

1. Clematis – Fastest Growing Climbing Plants

Clemantis for Pergola

Clematis is a one of the top climbing plants picks for for pergolas.

Its growth speed is its biggest advantage. This plant covers pergolas quickly, offering fast results for gardeners.

Clematis can also add substance to other plants with spindly stems by climbing up a structure provided by a rose, creating a perfect look when mixed with other plants. Clematis also stands out for its diversity.

With over 300 species, these vigorous growers offer a range of colors to any garden. From the striking purples of the 'Jackmanii' to the delicate whites of the 'Sweet Autumn,' there’s a clematis for every aesthetic preference.

Caring for clematis is easy. It needs well-drained soil and simple pruning. If maintained, clematis can stay bloomed from spring to fall.

If you want a fast-growing and low-maintenance plant that decorates pergola beautiful, it is an excellent choice.

2. Spanish Flag – Add Color to Your Pergola Quickly

Spanish Flag for Pergola

Looking for a climber that adds instant color to your pergola? Spanish Flag is an excellent choice.

It is known for its vibrant red and yellow flowers. They bloom quickly, transforming any pergola into a colorful oasis.

The Spanish Flag’s rapid growth rate and colorful blooms are key. It climbs fast and your pergola will be covered in a short time.

Since it thrives in full sun, it is perfect for outdoor structures like aluminum pergolas.

Remember that it needs regular watering and sunlight. With basic care, it blooms from summer to early fall.

If you are looking for quick color and an easy-to-care-for climber, consider Spanish Flag. It brightens your pergola and your garden.

3. Akebia Quinate – Fastest Flowering Climbing Vines

Akebia for Pergola

Need a flowering vine that grows fast? Akebia quinate is your answer.

It's known for its speedy growth and colorful and fragrant flowers. This vine can quickly cover a pergola while providing shade.

The flowering bloom of Akebia quinate can enhance the aesthetic of any pergola. The vine fully blooms in early spring, adding early-season interest to your garden.

Caring for this plant is quite simple. You just need to ensure regular watering and occasional pruning to keep it healthy.

Akebia quinate thrives in both sun and partial shade, so it is compatible with a variety of pergola locations.

4. Bougainvillea – Sturdy Pergola Plants

Bougainvillea for Pergola

Known for its vibrant colors and fast growth, Bougainvillea is a plant that makes a statement with its lush foliage.

This thorny vine thrives in both cool and warm climates, which makes it a great fit for different outdoors and gardens.

The plant's ability to adapt to various temperatures adds to its appeal. However, its thorns require careful handling, especially during maintenance.

Caring for bougainvillea requires regular pruning to manage growth and shape. It needs full sun exposure to flourish and bloom fully.

But is bougainvillea suitable for all pergolas?

It's important to note that bougainvillea is a heavy vine. It needs a pergola that can support its weight. Not all structures are up to the task.

This is where pergolas made from materials like aluminum come in. Their strength and durability make them ideal for supporting the weight of a mature bougainvillea.

5. Climbing Rose – Perfect for Pergola Date Nights

Climbing Roses for Pergola

Looking for a romantic touch for your pergola? Climbing roses are an ideal choice.

Their classic beauty and sweet fragrance set the perfect scene for a date night under the stars. These climbing roses add elegance and charm to any pergola or gazebo.

Their growth habit is perfect for covering arches and beams. The variety of colors and styles means you can choose roses that match your personal taste and garden theme.

Here's the deal:

Climbing roses require relatively more attention.

They require pruning regularly to maintain their shape and support more blooms. They thrive best with plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil. With proper care, your pergola can be adorned with beautiful roses that bloom from late spring to early fall.

6. Rangoon Creeper – Effortless Growth and Vibrant Flowers

Rangoon Creeper for Pergola

Rangoon Creeper is another excellent choice for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stunning climber.

This vine is known for its effortless climbing ability, especially when grown in full sun. It stands out with its vibrant orange flowers that not only add a pop of color but also spread a sweet scent in your garden.

Why a Rangoon Creeper can be a great fit for pergolas?

Its climbing nature means it can easily cover the structure to create a natural canopy. The plant’s growth is vigorous in the right conditions. They provide quick coverage and a lush appearance.

Caring for Rangoon Creeper is also straightforward. It thrives in full sunlight.

The vine prefers well-drained soil and requires minimal maintenance once established. Its resilience makes it a good option for gardeners looking for plants with less demanding care routines.

This combination of beauty and ease makes this climbing plant an ideal choice for your outdoor structures like pergola or veranda.

7. Honeysuckle – Rapid Growth, Rich Fragrance

Honeysuckle for Pergola

Honeysuckle is an exceptional choice for those who appreciate both visual beauty and pleasant scents in their garden.

Renowned for being fast growing climbers, honeysuckle can quickly envelop a pergola to create a lush, green haven.

But what truly sets honeysuckle apart?

As dusk falls, its fragrance deepens to fill the air with a rich scent. This unique characteristic makes honeysuckle not just a plant for the eyes, but also a feast for the senses.

Growing honeysuckle is not much of a hassle. It thrives best in full sun but can also adapt to partial shade. This versatility makes it suitable for various pergola locations.

Needless to say that the care for honeysuckle involves basic gardening practices.

Regular watering, occasional pruning, and ensuring good soil drainage are key. With these simple care steps, honeysuckle will reward you with its rapid growth and captivating fragrance.

8. Climbing Hydrangea – Summer & Spring Bloom

Climbing Hydrangea for Pergola

Climbing Hydrangea is a perfect choice for anyone looking to add seasonal charm to their pergola. This plant is known for its lush, green foliage and beautiful blooms that grace the summer and spring months.

During spring and summer, it blooms with large, white flowers that can transform any pergola into a stunning floral display.

It prefers partial shade, which makes it a versatile option for pergolas in various light conditions.

Caring for Climbing Hydrangea involves ensuring it has enough moisture and well-drained soil. Occasional pruning helps maintain its shape and encourages healthier growth.

How To Choose? 

  • For quick coverage and variety, Clematis shines out with over 300 species, colors, and easy care.
  • For bold colors, the Spanish Flag with its red and yellow flowers will brighten your environment.
  • Both Akebia quinate and Honeysuckle bloom early and smell great.
  • If you need a sturdy, dramatic plant that can survive in many climes, bougainvillea is ideal, but make sure your pergola can sustain its weight.
  • Climbing Roses add romance but demand more care.
  • Rangoon Creeper is a low-maintenance, gorgeous alternative, while Climbing Hydrangea provides seasonal appeal with its rich, green leaves and exquisite spring and summer blossoms.

We share our best climbing plants for pergolas, but ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences, ensuring your pergola not only looks beautiful but also supports the thriving growth of your selected climbers.