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I wouldn’t exactly call myself a builder, but I do dabble in a bit of handyman type work around my house, and my friends like to call on me when they have some repair work they need help with. But when my cousin texted me to help him put up a pergola he’d bought online, I was a bit concerned that this would turn into a disaster. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I arrived at his house to find the makings of a truly beautiful looking pergola. This product from Hanso is made from powder-coated aluminum for stability, durability and rust resistance. And it’s weather-proof – it can withstand different temperatures and weather conditions.

I was still a little wary about constructing it – but it was way more manageable than you would ever believe. We got to work and completed the construction in less than 4 hours! With such a practical design, the Hanso pergola looks elegant and sturdy.

Not only did I really enjoy helping my cousin, I went straight home and ordered my own pergola – and my cousin is coming to my house next weekend to return the favor!

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