The Hanso Pergola Has Changed Our Lives!

I come from a crazy big family, and our house was always bustling – people coming over for impromptu dinner parties, loads of kids playing outside until way past bedtime. Growing up with all this activity and adventure was a priceless part of my childhood. My siblings and I were such happy kids.

I decided that I wanted to give my kids a similar experience – keep them active and adventurous (and away from their screens) for as long as possible.

When we purchased our home, I knew I’d have to be creative, because the entertaining area inside is really small, and I didn’t want that to stop us from having people over. Thankfully, we have a nice big garden. And when I saw the Hanso pergola advertised, I knew this would be just the thing to create an outdoor entertainment space of note.

So my wife and I bought this pergola and it has totally changed the way we entertain. Our house has become a hot spot for dinner parties since we got this. While the adults spend time having a barbeque or a picnic-style lunch under the shade of the pergola, the children spend the day exploring in the garden, collecting bugs and getting up to all sorts of adventures 

The Hanso pergola has helped me to fulfill my dream of giving my kids a priceless childhood of their own! Do the same for your family – order now!