Can I Build a Pergola Near a Fence? | Regulations and Permissions

Constructing a pergola in your backyard can provide a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and attractive landscape structure that can help define space and transform an underutilized backyard into an inviting oasis.

However, prior to beginning your pergola construction endeavor, it is essential to determine the ideal location for the pergola.

In this article, we'll discuss and answer to question can you build a pergola near a fence as well as review the best locations to place your pergola in general.

Can I Build a Pergola Near a Fence

Can You Build a Pergola Near a Fence?

The answer is yes, you can build a pergola near a fence. However, there are several reasons for keeping pergolas away from fence lines. For one, the proximity to the fence can detract from the pergola's aesthetic appeal, making it feel like an afterthought rather than a focal point in your backyard.

Additionally, the pergola beams running north and south from a residential property can cast unwanted shade onto the neighbor's property.

How Close Can a Pergola Be to a Fence?

How Close Can a Pergola Be to a Fence?
Cities and county zoning laws determine pergola setbacks. The typical setback for structures along property lines is 5 feet.
However, setback requirements can vary depending on the pergola's height, size, fence type, land orientation, and slope.

We highly recommend checking with your local building or zoning authority for setback restrictions.

Pergolas and other such outdoor structures and buildings may be subject to various local codes and limitations. Some localities require pergola permission, while others have material or finish restrictions.

Before installing a custom pergola near a boundary fence, ask a local professional or zoning expert to verify compliance with local standards and prevent legal complications.

Reasons For Keeping Pergola Away Fence Lines

In addition to detracting from the pergola's aesthetic appeal and casting unwanted shade, there are other reasons for keeping pergolas away from boundary fence lines. One of the biggest reasons is property lines.

Local zoning laws and homeowners' association rules may restrict how close you can build a structure to your property line.

As we already wrote, it's important to check with your local council to ensure your ideal pergola placement is compliant with code requirements.

Another reason to keep your pergola farther away from the fence is that it can make the construction process more difficult.

Installing pergola beams close to the fence can make it challenging to get the necessary tools and equipment in place.

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove part of the fence to make room for the pergola, which can be an added expense.

Are There Any Preferred Places To Build A Pergola?

Are There Any Preferred Places To Build A Pergola?

While there are various reasons to keep pergolas away from fence lines, there are still many appealing places to erect a pergola.

A pergola in an unutilized backyard space is one of the greatest places to create one. This will help define the space and transform it into an outdoor oasis where you can rest and entertain outside.

Consider assembling your pergola in a position that receives both optimal shade from sun and shadow if you want to optimize natural sunlight. This will give you the best of both worlds, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors while protecting yourself from the sun's damaging rays.

As alternative, you could also add extra sun shades to your pergola kit as well. 

Anyway, when deciding where to place a pergola, keep the surrounding scenery in mind. If you already have privacy wall like plants or other structures in place, you may want to build your pergola in a location that matches the current existing landscape there.

Finally, when deciding on a place for your pergola, utilize high-quality pergola items that will withstand the elements and create an inviting sitting area for many years.

All in All

In conclusion, you can construct a pergola next to a fence, but it's vital to think about the reasons why it's best to keep pergolas at least a few feet away from the fence line.

When deciding where to put a pergola, some crucial considerations to keep in mind are the property lines, any applicable local codes, and aesthetics.

You will be able to construct a sturdy pergola in a visually appealing position if you take these considerations into account. This will allow you to demarcate space and transform it into an inviting outdoor hideaway.

Build or purchase pre-made pergola kit for yourself and start making the most of your backyard as soon as possible.