30 Ways To Decorate Your Pergola

Decorate Your Pergola

Those who have pergolas in their patio or backyard probably sometimes have a question how to decorate a pergola to make it even more inviting and appealing?

Here's the deal:

We have curated an exciting list of 30 ways to decorate your pergola, ensuring that your patio centerpiece is not just functional but also a captivating visual treat.

From simple tweaks to more elaborate additions, these ideas will transform your pergola into a haven of relaxation and style.

30 Pergola Decor Ideas For A Captivating Visual Treat

Pergola Decor Ideas

Decorating a pergola is much more than just enhancing its aesthetics. After all, it is more pleasant to spend time in a good-looking pergola, right?

From lush plants to twinkling lights, from blooming flowers to elegant fabrics, each element adds its own character.

Whether you're wondering how to decorate a pergola for a serene evening retreat or transform it into a whimsical wedding spot, our comprehensive guide on how to decorate a pergola is here to inspire.

1. Climbing Roses

Looking for pergola decorating ideas that merge the modern with the natural?

One of the most natural and romantic ways to decorate a pergola is with climbing roses.

First of all, climbing roses offer both visual appeal and a delightful fragrance. Their cascading blooms transform a plain pergola into a garden paradise.

This idea is perfect for those who love a touch of whimsy and elegance in their outdoor space.

And if you're wondering how to give your pergola that wedding-worthy charm, these fragrant flowers could be your answer.

2. Suspended Planters

Elevate your pergola's beauty, quite literally, with hanging planters. These suspended delights not only maximize your vertical space but also create a floating garden effect.

As you dine or relax beneath your pergola, these planters dangle nature just within reach.

This is a must-try.

3. Bamboo Roof with Globe Lanterns

Transform your pergola's roof and turn your own pergola into an Asian-inspired sanctuary.

Bamboo's rustic charm will make your patio space a picturesque retreat for every evening.

A bamboo roof provides natural shade acting as a pergola cover, merging effortlessly with the outdoor design.

But as the sun sets, it's the globe lanterns that steal the show. Casting a soft, ambient glow, they offer an enchanting play of light and shadow.

4. Macramé Wall Hanging

Macramé Wall Hanging Pergola

When pondering how to decorate a pergola with fabric, let the boho vibes lead the way.

A macramé wall hanging introduces texture and artistry, instantly elevating the pergola's perimeter. This intricate fabric design, with its knots and patterns, becomes a captivating backdrop for any seating area.

Dreamy, artistic, and uniquely inviting, macramé is a fabric lover's dream.

5. Twinkling Lights 

Twinkling Lights

This one of the simplest and easiest method how you could decorate your pergola by adding a simple lighting idea on it.

Thnk about a verdant charm of climbing vines with the mesmerizing shimmer of string lights or fairy lights.

As the sun dips, the twinkling lights wrapped around the vines create an ethereal display, turning your pergola into a super cozy place.

6. Tiki Metal Torch


Anchoring tiki metal torches around your pergola’s perimeter isn’t just about illumination; it’s an experience.

As the flames dance in their metal confines, they evoke memories of beachfront evenings and island getaways.

Paired with the elegance of your pergola, they create a mesmerizing blend of rustic charm and modern design.

7. Moroccan Light Pendant

Hanging a Moroccan light pendant adds an immediate touch of exotic sophistication. With intricate patterns and warm glows, these pendants transform the outdoor dining experience beneath your pergola.

The exquisite shadows generated by the surroundings evoke a sense of enchantment, allowing one to experience the essence of Marrakech inside the confines of their own backyard. 

An ideal choice for those who treasure a blend of traditional and contemporary outdoor design.

8. Pergola Drapes

Flowing pergola drapes not only offer added shade but also introduce a sense of luxury to your outdoor space.

They billow softly with the breeze, creating a serene, almost dream-like ambiance.

When combined with the previously mentioned Moroccan pendant, the curtains create an ambiance reminiscent of a desert oasis, transforming your pergola into an ideal sanctuary for relaxation. 

9. Broken Pots Turned Into Brilliant DIY Fairy Gardens

While drapes bring a touch of elegance, sometimes it's the smallest details that truly captivate.

Have a broken pot?

Turn that perceived misfortune into a DIY marvel by creating enchanting fairy gardens for potted plants for every size.

These miniature masterpieces, placed strategically beneath your pergola, can be a whimsical addition to your outdoor design.

10. Fire Pit

Let's shift to the embracing warmth of a pergola fire pit. Positioned near your structure, its inviting flames offer a cozy contrast to the miniature inviting space you've crafted.

As night falls, the chiminea's glow makes your outdoor area a cozy place to gather.

11. Mason Jar Flower Vases

Hung or placed on tables near a poolside pergola or a sunken hot tub, these jars brimming with vibrant blooms add a splash of color and a touch of rustic elegance.

You could dip into a hot bathtub under your pergola, surrounded by floating petals, with these vases adding a fragrant touch.

From warmth to water, your pergola offers diverse experiences, each as enchanting as the last.

12. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

After indulging in the floral beauty under your pergola, why not sit back and relax?

The right outdoor furniture, placed on a pergola deck, becomes more than just seating – it's an extension of your living space.

Think about plush sofas and a coffee table, each piece echoing your personal style. 

13. Festoon Bulb Strings

Festoon Bulb Strings

Nothing says celebration quite like the warm glow of festoon bulb strings.

These bulbs, draped gracefully across your pergola's perimeter, bring a touch of festivity to even the most ordinary evenings.

Basically it's more than just a pergola idea; it's about creating memories under a starry replica right in your backyard.

14. Metal Trellises

A metal trellis introduces an added layer of architectural depth to your pergola design.

Whether as a standalone or intertwined with vibrant climbing vines, these trellises become focal points, blending strength with delicate patterns.

And why just stick to the traditional design of a wooden pergola or a new modern aluminum pergola when an addition of metal trellises can give it a delightful twist?

Think of it as a combination between classic pergola designs and contemporary artistry.

15. Arches Installed Between Pergola Posts

Nestled between pergola posts, these arches exude an old-world charm reminiscent of grand palaces and courtyards.

Moreover, adorning these arches with floral arrangements makes them ideal for weddings or any celebratory event.

16. Whimsical Birdhouses

As the architectural beauty of the arches leaves an impression, the whimsical birdhouses delicately hanging from your pergola beams add another layer of aesthetic charm.

Their intricate designs and patterns embellish your space with a touch of enchantment.

But beauty isn't their only offering.

These quaint abodes beckon the melodious chorus of birds, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with the harmonious embrace of nature. Under your pergola, beauty and nature dance together, creating a serene sanctuary.

17. Integrated Small Fountain or Cascading Waterfall

After reveling in the chirping serenades from above, allow your senses to further indulge with the calming cadence of water.

Positioned either at the center or subtly nestled at the sides of your pergola, a small fountain or a cascading waterfall introduces a touch of tranquility.

The gentle flow and shimmer of water, reflecting the sun's rays or the twinkle of festoon lights, adds an unparalleled layer of ambiance.

18. String Art Installations

Hanging gracefully from one pergola post to another, especially on the side facing a neighbor's wall or fence, string art installations bring a burst of modern artistry to your outdoor space.

This unique pergola idea transforms a plain pergola side into a mesmerizing tapestry of colors and designs, adding both privacy and a visual feast.

It's more than just decoration; think about it as a conversation starter, making your pergola the talk of the backyard.

19. Stained Glass Framed for Catching Sunlight

Just as string art draws the eye, so does the radiant glow of stained glass under the sun.

Attached to a pergola post or elegantly standalone on a frame, these vivid panels capture and refract sunlight, showering your outdoor space in a kaleidoscope of colors and providing an ethereal experience whenever the sun graces your backyard.

20. Chandelier 

As the vibrant interplay of hues emanating from the stained glass gradually diminishes with the descent of the sun, the radiant illumination emitted by a chandelier assumes a prominent position.

Elegantly suspended from the central position of your pergola, the chandelier serves as a prominent symbol of opulence during evening gatherings.

But the elegance doesn't stop there.

The pergola's roof is adorned with soft ceiling drapes that elegantly cascade, forming a lavish canopy of fabric overhead.

As the chandeliers sway gently in response to the evening breeze, they serve to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space and envelop the outdoor eating area in an atmosphere characterized by elegance and comfort.

21. Louvered Side Panels as Elegant Shades

Pergola Louvered Side Panels

Elevate the design of your pergola while adding an element of functionality with louvered panels.

Modern pergola sun shades, spanning from one pergola post to another, not only provide optimal shade but also introduce a structured aesthetic to the outdoor structure.

Your outdoor dining or lounging area will remain comfortable even when the sun is at its highest point thanks to these panels.

Plus, their sleek design, reminiscent of contemporary pergola designs, enhances the pergola's visual appeal.

22. Outdoor Rugs

It looks like a very obvious and simple idea, but believe us, not everybody thinks about it. 

An outdoor rug adds a perfect finishing touch to any pergola, whether you're planning a romantic dinner for two or a party beneath the festoon lights.

Just look for an outdoor rug that visually matches your pergola.

23. Wind Chimes and Sun Catchers

Have you ever considered transforming your pergola into a tranquil space filled with harmonious melodies and glistening elements?

As the gentle airflow navigates its path, wind chimes hanging from the edges of your pergola create a tranquil auditory environment.

Each modest breeze elicits a melodic tone, augmenting the serenity of your outdoor environment.

Complement this with sun catchers, glistening pieces of art that capture sunlight and refract it in mesmerizing patterns.

These additions promise an enchanting pergola experience.

24. Rustic Ladder Shelf

Standing tall amidst your climbing vines or potted plants, ladder shelf is more than just a storage solution.

Every step offers an opportunity – perhaps a place to showcase your beautiful mess of outdoor decor items or an inviting space for those little potted plants.

Strategically positioned next to your pergola's post or close to your outdoor dining area, it serves as both a conversation starter and a visual anchor.

25. Wicker Swing with Stand

Envisioning the idyllic scenario of leisurely afternoons spent beneath a pergola, indulging in a refreshing beverage while allowing the passage of time to elapse effortlessly?

The inclusion of a wicker swing accompanied by its own stand serves as an ideal enhancement to one's outdoor living area.

Not only does it bring a boho look to your patio space, but the standalone design ensures safety, especially since attaching swings directly to pergola beams isn't always advised.

Positioned by the poolside pergola or amidst the fragrance of your garden flowers, this swing becomes a blend of comfort, style, and tranquil motion.

26. Hanging Candle Jars

Hanging candle jars in a stand beneath your pergola might be one of the easiest way to decorate your pergola.

Whether for a romantic alfresco dining experience or a calm evening with a book, these subtle lights uplift the mood effortlessly.

27. Beaded Curtains

Incorporating beaded curtains into your pergola design can seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

As the sun filters through, these elegant curtains cast mesmerizing patterns onto your outdoor space, elevating the visual appeal of your patio or deck pergola.

Perfect for those aiming to combine pergola decorating ideas with an air of sophistication, beaded curtains not only provide a touch of privacy but also introduce a boho vibe to your outdoor design.

28. Outdoor Bar Cart

This is one of the most popular decoration ideas in recent years.

This pergola idea for decoration seamlessly merges functionality with style, ensuring your outdoor space is primed for alfresco dining experiences or casual evening cocktails.

Especially if your pergola doubles as an outdoor dining area, a bar cart ensures you've got everything at hand.

The best part?

It's mobile, allowing you to adjust your setup based on your pergola design and the number of guests.

Truly, it's a touch that blends practicality with luxury, ensuring your outdoor design remains at the pinnacle of sophistication.

29. Recycled Glass Bottle Decor

Following the eco-friendly trend, while also accentuating the elegant allure of your outdoor space, is the concept of recycled glass bottle decor. 

By strategically positioning them in proximity to your pergola, particularly beneath a deck pergola, these objects not only serve as exemplars of sustainable pergola decoration concepts, but also capture and refract sunlight, resulting in a captivating display of luminosity.

This concept effectively enhances the bohemian aesthetics, so imbuing your outdoor design with a blend of environmental consciousness and remarkable style.

30. Moroccan Poufs

These traditional handcrafted cushions, often found in rich, vibrant colors, instantly transform an ordinary seating area into an exotic escape.

Perfectly paired with recycled glass bottle decor, they enhance the boho-chic vibe of your outdoor design.


We have presented you with a wide list of ideas on how you can decorate your pergola.

It doesn't matter if you have already built a traditional wooden pergola, or maybe you have or are planning to buy a modern pergola (read a pergola buying guide) - all these ideas are compatible with all styles.

It goes without saying that the decorations will not only add coziness to your pergola, but the yard itself will look much more impressive and pleasant.

Remember, it's your space; make it as personal and beautiful as your heart desires.